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Intercessor and Monarch Level Initiates ONLY: 
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Training Requirements:

Internet Access

Personal Computer/Laptop or Device
that can download PDF files, watch videos, and listen to audio lectures in a MP4 format

Email access
to send and receive messages

Required Texts:
Cosmic Initiation 
The Great Divide 

All Initiates are required to participate in the Cosmic Detox program outlined in Cosmic Initiation.

Initiates receive a 15% discount
(use code: initiate1313 at check out) 
in our online store on all books, videos, and spiritual items.  Click on the image below to access our online store. 

Our classes are self-guided and can be done in the comfort of your own home at your leisure.  

All lessons are created by Ausar and Auset who will be working directly with all students to ensure that you have a rewarding learning experience.  

We look forward to a fruitful experience that will change your life for years to come.