The information contained in our eBooks 
have been channeled directly from Ancient
sources specifically intended for the

Resurrection of the Golden Race
 on this Planet. 








Tablet III
The Great Divide

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The destruction of one regime and the birth of a new one can be a blessing or a curse depending on your level of conscious awareness.  Don't let this Great Divide catch you off guard!!   This book is your ticket to Inner-Galactic freedom, as you learn how to navigate through this cosmic battle so that you don't become a casualty of war. 

Tablet I
Look Inside

There is a group of sleeping gods seeded among humanity. At this time, energy from the Great Old Ones are being channeled through their progeny to resurrect the consciousness of the Golden Race. Their illumination will change the world as we know it.
Tablet II
Cosmic Initiation
Look Inside
The Grand Rising of the Serpents has begun. This intergalactic Initiation that is underway is beginning to ignite the cosmic energy housed within the “junk” DNA of the Golden Race. Ancient energies have returned to bestow wisdom, knowledge, and Over-standing as their progeny prepares for their Cosmic Final Examination which will result in the CHANGE OF A LIFETIME.