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This is the Radionomy App.  It is a free download.  Search for "The Golden Race" to Listen on your device. 
Calling All Singers, Rappers, Conscious Show Hosts, and Retailers

We have launched our Conscious Radio Station designed specifically for our community.  The mainstream industry has been contaminated with low entities that are infecting the hearts and minds of our people with diabolical spirits.  They require our young men and women to do all types of satanic stunts in order to get contracts and to sell their CD's.  They are raping our people with high fees and unethical contracts.  We are establishing our own platform to showcase our talent and to provide Clean Uplifting Music, Right Knowledge, True Spirituality, and
Over-standing to our community.  
If you are interested in participating in this life-changing opportunity to create a better future for generations to come, click the appropriate link above.

Welcome Home Family  
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