"One morning I woke up and my wife noticed some white patches on my body.  When I began to inspect my entire body I found the same patches under my arms.  As time went on they spread to my face at an alarming rate.  Concerned with what it was, I called my wife's Aunt who is a Dermatologist.  When she saw me, she diagnosed me with Vitiligo and warned me that there was NO CURE for this disease.  She offered to treat my symptoms, but made me aware that she was not a healer and could not heal me completely.  I was determined not to allow this dis-ease to rest on me.  My wife and I did hours of research and found a cure for my body. Yes, healing is  still in the earth today!  With the proper diet, habits, and supplements I am spot free and now I want to share what I did with you so that you too can be set free."  
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