11th Grade English
High School Credit 1

The goal of this course is to write fifteen minutes a day.  Each month you will focus on a different type of writing.  You can use the link below to get basic outline ideas of how to get started in most of the areas. In addition to writing you should 30 minutes per session.



Course Objectives: 

Month 1 – The Beginning – What Makes a Paragraph? 
Students will understand what makes up a paragraph and will write their own topic sentences. 

What is a paragraph?
Topic Sentences

Month 2 – The Middle – Supporting Sentences in Your Paragraph 
Students will continue to write topic sentences and will create supporting sentences for those topic sentences. 

Supporting Sentences
Month 3 – The End – Concluding Sentences 
Students will be writing concluding sentences that reflect the topic and provide a sense of closure for the reader. 

Conclusion sentences 

Month 4 – The Narrative Paragraph 
Students will write a personal narrative paragraph.  Write 1 paragraph per session.  

How to write narrative paragraphs
Month 5 – The Descriptive Paragraph 
Students will write a descriptive paragraph using all of their senses to include exciting verbs, colorful adjectives, and vivid adverbs. 

How to write a descriptive paragraph
Month 6 – The Expository Paragraph 
Students will write an expository paragraph in the third person perspective (he, she, it, they, their), including the topic sentence, supporting detail sentences, and a closing sentence. 

Writing an Expository paragraph
Month 7 – The Persuasive Paragraph 
Students will be able to write persuasively using solid persuasive strategies. 

How to write a persuasive paragraph 

Month 8 – You Choose  
Students will write a specific kind of paragraph of their choosing every session.