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Cosmic Initiation

















Ausar N. Auset







The Golden Race Tablet Series is dedicated to all those of the Royal Bloodlines who are waking up at this moment in time. The ancients have returned to bestow right wisdom, knowledge, and over-standing to their progeny. The information contained within this tablet is intended to quicken the cosmic energy that is lying dormant in your veins.  This tablet brings awareness to the Cosmic Initiation that is currently underway for the members of the Golden Race.  Hidden knowledge is revealed so the initiate can consciously play and win the Game of Life.







“Know Yourself and You Shall Know the Gods”

Ancient Egyptian Proverb



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 God In Me


A Savior

I am one that believes in you

It makes no difference what you say or do

For within your soul I see a plan-

The pattern of a heaven man.

I’m a savior when I see

Perfection coming forth in thee

When others knock and pull you down

I upon you never frown,

But hold to “that” above your par

The heaven man you really are;

For when I see you truly great

I wipe illusion off your slate

And help you see with me

The vision clear that sets you free.

For you are “That”- The Perfect One-

GOD’s Beloved Only Son;

So, stand erect and believe in you

For you really are, The Master, too.



Today the title, God, is used to describe everything from a universal force to mere mortals.  This word freely flows from the lips of music artists to the daily “conscious” passerby that you meet on the street.  Everyone with breath in their bodies and melanin in their skin is claiming to be a god or a goddess.   Why is this happening right now?


 Melanin is a cosmic substance that is directly linked to nature and the cosmos.  Many ancients referred to it as the “gods dust.”  In the past few decades, modern scientists have just begun to identify the wonderful qualities that this element contains.  Since their discovery, the value of melanin has surpassed that of gold and silver on the open market.  Melanin now costs $365 per gram (based on the CMV) while gold is valued at $40.78 a gram.  This substance is being harvested for its innate healing properties and is being utilized as a very expensive form of medication.

There are three different types of melanin.  There is a reddish yellow Pheomelanin, Neuromelanin found primarily in the brain, and the brownish black Eumelanin found in the indigenous people of the planet.  Melanin is an ancient supercomputer that contains the divine spark of consciousness.  Toxic substances in the air, water, food, and vaccinations can cause viruses and information blockages that interfere with melanin processes.  These broken synapses caused by years of toxic exposure is currently interfering with the cosmic energy that is filling the DNA of the inhabitants of this planet.  The current levels of toxicity are prohibiting some of the divine people from receiving their divine genetic inheritance.



People whose bodies contain melanin are neuro-linked to the cosmos.  Therefore, anytime cosmic changes occur, corresponding changes also occur within their bodies.   Although many people have melanin, only a few are chosen to awaken at this time.  

The innate desire to have a relationship with the Divine has been ingrained into the hearts of humanity for millennia.  Prior to this NEW AGE, the unconscious man was satisfied with just worshipping God, now the spiritual awakening man is beginning to realize that the God his family members have been seeking for generations resides within himself.  As a result, religious organizations are shrinking as their leaders warn their dwindling congregations that the Great Falling Away is underway.  

A spiritual divide between the wheat and tare is occurring.  The faithful religious followers are clinging to their bibles and religious texts in anticipation of a coming Anti-Christ. Fear has the consciousness of the religious members trapped in its grasp, as their faithful attendance and tithes are the only way to ensure they are not cast into an ever-burning hellish realm.   They are oblivious of the fact that the Anti-Christ spirit has been in control on this planet now for the past 2,000 years as their religions encouraged them to seek the divine outside of themselves, thus going against the Christ within.  


  Their childlike beliefs have blinded them to the reality of the hell that is raging all around them every day.  They mentally rehearse the old saying, that “Heaven belongs to the children,” so they forsake knowledge and Over-standing for the simplicity of a promised blessed future after death.  This lie traps their souls in endless reincarnation cycles because they never graduate from level one in their consciousness.  They turn a blind eye to their family members who are awakening to the truth of their ancestry, true spirituality, and divine heritage. The faithful few are too afraid to live and even more afraid to die as their soul force is being siphoned daily by the low entities that feed off their religious practices on the 4th dimension.      

In direct contrast, members of the Golden Race are being freed from decades of mental-spiritual bondage.  Your internal yearning of achieving mastery stems from the ancient DNA of your ancestors who were either deity themselves or who lived among the gods who walked this planet in a not so distant past.  The cosmic energy that is engulfing your reality is causing your divine DNA to reactivate feelings of grandeur long forgotten.  

Ancient memories are resurfacing in the recesses of your mind.  Your forgotten past is coming to you in the form of dreams and visions.  These suppressed memories are quickening the hearts and minds of the Star-seed to activate the Cosmic Initiation, The Grand Rising of the Serpents, that the Royal bloodlines must successfully complete reclaiming their Divinity on this third dimensional plane of existence.

Becoming a “god” or “goddess” is not an easy task.  There are many things that must take place in your life to start the alchemical process needed to transmute your mortal shell into your true god self.  I warn you at the onset, once this process begins, there is NO WAY to stop it until it is complete.

Patience is the Key to your Success

This process often takes multiple lifetimes to reach fulfillment.  For the god race that is seeded on this planet, you have already accomplished this goal in previous lifetimes.  At this point in your incarnation, the universe is in the process of cosmically initiating your ego consciousness (your lower self) to the divine union of your inner Divinity (the god/goddess within you).    


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