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Blood Debt: The Ancestors Revenge


The blood of our ancestors was not shed in vain.  Ancestral energies has declared war on mankind and will not stop until the debt has been paid in full.

A Warning from the Ancestors


You must wake up and return to the original way, or you will perish during this cosmic great divide.

Nibiru: The Destroyer is Coming


Learn why melanin is so special in this rapidly dying geo- engineered world. The destroyer is magnifying the power of the sun and the solar energy that is streaming into our atmosphere causing genetic mutations in Mankind. Those who weren't here in the beginning won't be here in the end.

Pyramid Power: Tapping Into Your Inner Divinity


Our 2019 Cosmic Family Reunion has a divine purpose that is much more than food, drinks, and entertainment. In this video, you will learn why we knew visiting the Pyramid in Mexico was so important to your spiritual growth and development.

We also announce the winner of the Free Stateroom in this video!!

Hope to see you at the 2019 Cosmic Family Reunion!!

Spiritual Armageddon


As the cosmic war rages on, you must learn how to strengthen your auric field so that you do not become a casualty of war.

Poverty is a Sin


Your suffering is not for righteousness.  It was designed to lower your aura so that demons can attach to you and destroy your life.

The Mystery of Pandora's Box Revealed


Humanity is engaged in a cosmic battle with mankind who are powered by demons.  



The Establishment has been systematically poisoning the black community since the 1960's to make them docile.  The entire medical industry is designed to sicken, kill, and destroy black people so that they can rake in massive profits.

Night of Frustration


As cosmic radiation is filling this planet, it is destroying the cognition of many.  This neural destruction is causing bizarre behavior and a skyrocket in mental illness to occur globally.  Get your copy of "The Great Divide" to learn how to avoid this planetary meltdown.

Schizophrenia Unmasked: The Netherworld


As the planet is rising in consciousness, so are the members of the Golden Race.  Schizophrenia is result of an awakening pineal gland and the emergence of a new reality.  This video reveals the truth about this ancient energy and the Netherworld that has trapped countless souls.  Don't fall prey to Mankind's attachment demise scheme.

We Live: Reptillians Unmasked


Many other species live among humanity and few people are aware of their existence.  One of these species will finally be unmasked for who they really are.

The Great Divide Finale


Radiation is creating a divide that will lead to the separation of the wheat and tare on this planet.  Learn how raditation will affect mankind to successfully remove them from humanity and free the planet from their oppressive rule.

The Great Divide Part 3: Educational Pipe Dreams


Millions of people are ending up in financial ruin by paying for college degrees that are becoming worthless in a failing society.  Learn the truth today to adjust outdated concepts that will ultimately fail as automation steals more jobs from the already strained public.

The Great Divide Part 2: System Failure


As the Beastly system is failing, the ancestors are warning their progeny to UNPLUG and return to nature or you will be destroyed.

Interracial Relationships: Finale The Genetic Implication


The Establishment is encouraging the race of man to intermix their genetics in order to keep Mankind on the planet for a longer amount of time.  Doing this will result in death.

Spiritual Warfare: The Return of Ancestral Energy


Ancient energies are spiritually attacking Mankind and most of humanity is unaware of this cosmic warfare that we are engaged in.



This video is an indepth review of the Marvel movie entitled, "Black Panther."

The Opioid Crisis Part 2: "Because I Got High


The Establishment is now setting up legal crack houses to allow white addicts to get free needles and to get high under the supervision of a trained medical professional. This will lead to death and destruction.

2018 The Great Divide: Part 1


2018 Marks the beginning of the socio-economic and spiritual ascension for the conscious community.  Those who can free their minds from the matrix and dream their own dreams will inherit the earth.  Those who refuse to let go of old ideology will find themselves in a hellish experience.  Come out from among the masses before you are discarded during the Great Divide.

Interracial Relationships:Part 2 Exposing the Gold-Diggers

Full Version


For decades, the Establishment has used white women to destroy and destabilize the black man and in turn to ruin the black community.  It is time that this old tactic is exposed and adequately dealt with.

Interracial Relationships: The Maggots Inside Me Part 1


The establishment’s encouragement of interracial couples has a hidden diabolical hidden agenda.  The truth must be revealed before this genetic genocidal plan is fulfilled and all of humanity is loss.

Interdimensional War Rages as the Mothership Returns


Humanity is oblivious to the covert interdimensional war that is raging on this planet as the Mothership Returns to aid in the collision of worlds.  Paid conspiracy theory trolls are posting half-truths to make the population believe the government is responsible for the carnage of war (superstorms) via laser technology and weather machines.  It is time the truth is revealed

Cosmic Melanin AKA “Black Goo” Will Resurrect the Golden Race


The immortal, highly creative, intelligent cosmic melanin has returned to earth to illuminate the Divine Bloodlines.  Prepare yourselves now to merge with the Power that is coming from on high!!

Payback is a B*@ch!!  The Opioid Crisis in America-

 Full Version


The American Opioid “crisis” is the result of Karmic debt owed to the indigenous populations who live among them.

The Great Tribulation Part 1


Many Christians are afraid of a horrific event that is scheduled to happen at the end of an Age.  They do not realize that this event began many decades ago and is nearing its end.  This video exposes the horses of the apocalypse and the Beastly system that we incarnated into.

The Great Tribulation Part 2


Rosewood Revisited

The Great Tribulation Part 3 Full Version


American Slavery….The Lies Unmasked

The Great Tribulation Part 4


The Tell-lie-vision is a major tool used by the establishment to re-write his-story and to reprogram the minds of society.  It shifts the reality as the “creators” see fit.  TURN THEM OFF

Are You Ready for the Veil to be Torn?  Nov 4….IT BEGINS!!!


As the Establishment prepares for the veil to be torn by taking down the power grid, we too must prepare our minds and hearts to deal with the unexpected

The Unconscious Will be Homosexual in the Future


Its time we learn the science behind the daily enlargement of the gay and lesbian community.  If you remain ignorant, YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN WILL BECOME HOMOSEXUAL IN THE FUTURE (if you are not already.)

Attack on Melanin: Vitiligo-There is Healing


There is a “mysterious” disease that is attacking melanin worldwide.  Learn how, why, and what to do to heal yourself holistically.  Treatment is temporary, Healing is for life.

Marked for Death: Metaphysics of the Suicide Epidemic


Death came for the animals, now it has come for mankind.  Raise your vibrational energy to escape this impending karmic doom.

Worm that Never Dies is in Your Food


The energy on the planet is speeding up the spread of the parasitic worms that are hatching in our food and bodies.  We must clean up our act before it is everlasting too late.

Solar Eclipse 2017: Black Sun Manifestation


We have entered a New Age on the Plane(t) ushered in by the Black Sun, that has the power to dramatically change your future.  Learn how to tap into this energy today.

The “Beast” of Revelations is Finally Revealed


The Bible predicted in the book of Revelations that a “beast” would set up a demonic system and a world religion on earth that would deceive all the nations into worshipping the Beast.  This reality is finally examined by someone with the eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit was describing to the churches.  It is time this information is presented to the public at large

Metaphysical Meaning Surrounding the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse


The Occult meaning behind the total solar eclipse is revealed.  All of creation yearns for the Suns of God to be revealed.

The Underworld


One of the biggest secrets hidden from humanity is revealed.

The Virus Part 1

Full Version


The earth is infected with a deadly Virus that is responsible for the deaths of millions of human beings.  This planet has been placed under galactic quarantine to ensure it does not escape the coming wrath that will lead to its destruction and earth’s purification

The Virus Part 2


Continued from Part 2: History Lesson of this Planet

The Virus Part 3

Full Version


Final Conclusion

We are Not Alone


Most of Mankind in the Western hemisphere are oblivious to the fact that there are numerous humanoid species that walk beside man.  The magnetic energy changes on the planet are unmasking many of them and they are being seen worldwide.  Learn how to identify one species in this video

Exposing the Silent War-Casualties are in the Millions and Growing


There is a stealth war in effect that is ravaging the Human race and NO ONE REALIZES IT.  This video will expose the covert strategies that have been implemented to take down the Golden Race and stop their Illumination.

The Establishment’s Greatest Secret: Exposing the Divine Pair

Full Version


The religious texts have been altered to hide their true existence.  It’s time you learn why.


Disclaimer: When viewing this video please keep in mind that:

  1. Although most of the actors in the movie clips depicted are of European descent, the divine pair will be of the original Royal bloodlines which has melanin.
  2. Hollywood mostly cast Caucasians, especially in leading roles, to hide the true identity of the divine bloodlines on this planet

Planet X (Nibiru): Fear of a Black Planet


As chaos rages across the globe, Mankind’s dreaded fate is rapidly approaching.  The world as we know it will NEVER be the same again.  Prepare yourself now for the return of PLANET X.

Return of the Black Gods


As radiation fills the atmosphere of this planet, mankind is in a mad race against time to preserve their lives before the Great Old Ones Return

Global Deception


The masses are completely unaware that the are under mind control.  This video will assist in breaking the hypnotic spell that has been cast on society to believe.

Time is Running out for Mankind-

Full Version


In nature there are cycles, and at this time the life cycle for Mankind is quickly coming to an end.  HIV, Solar Radiation, Fukushima Radiation, and now an alien disease is a recipe for disaster.

The Alien Influence: Genetic Modification of Mankind


Mankind women are receiving numerous enhancements to ensnare human men.  These enhancements will ultimately lead to disfigurement and in some cases death.

Planetary Illumination When the Divine Pair Return


There is a prophecy concerning the illumination and freedom of Humanity when the Divine Pair return to gather their people from the four corners of the earth.  The Golden Race will awaken to set right what has gone so terribly wrong on this plane(t).  They will usher in a new era of peace, knowledge, true enlightenment, and tranquility.

5th Dimensional State of Consciousness


Learn how to position yourself to experience this higher state of consciousness.

Shadow People are EVERYWHERE


The shadow entities exist and they are showing up all over this planet.

Hell is Empty: All the Demons are Here


Chaos, murder, mayhem will continue to increase as more and more people begin to wake up and see through the illusion of this false reality.  Educate yourself now, before the veil is completely torn and hell consumes this planet

Hiding in Plain Sight


Our ancient enemies have reinvented themselves to blend in with society.  They have systematically colonized this planet in the pursuit of world domination.   



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