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This treatment program is intended for those who are suffering from Vitiligo.   


After studying holistic health for over fifteen years, I can provide you with the knowledge you need to HEAL your temple.  Learn how to heal yourself today.








Disclaimer: The results of this program will vary based on individual commitment and participation.  If you follow everything as directed, we can guarantee noticeable results within 6 months or less.


“If what you eat can make you sick, then what you eat can heal you.” Ausar N Auset


“Your Food is your medicine” Imhotep




My Battle with Vitiligo

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Early one morning, my wife and I were grooming ourselves in the bathroom.  I reached over to pick up something on the floor and she noticed a white patch on my body.  After examining it, I didn’t think anything of it and began my daily routine.  A few weeks later, more white patches appeared under my arms, on my face, around my mouth, and in my private areas.  The spots began to spread so fast that it made me concerned about what they were.  

My wife’s aunt is a dermatologist, so we gave her a call to schedule an appointment.   When I went to see her, she diagnosed me with Vitiligo.  She warned me that she was not a healer, and that this disease has no known cure.  All she could do for me was to simply treat the symptoms.  She made sure that I realized this would be a long-term process and there were no guarantees.  

I glanced at my wife who was sitting beside me, and although she tried to give me a smile of encouragement, I could see the concern in her eyes.  At that point, I made up my mind that I would not allow this "sickness" to rest on me.  I was a young man, in my late twenties, and NO ONE in my family had ever been diagnosed with this type of illness before.  My wife and I set out on a mission to find a cure for this ailment.

After reading several books on Vitiligo, I was led to study the effects of hydrogen peroxide on melanin.  My wife and I had been doing internal cleansing using hydrogen peroxide and water enemas.  To my surprise, I learned that hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent.  Many European women use this chemical to dye their hair.  Well, I concluded, that if hydrogen peroxide can dye hair, I am certain it can bleach my skin.  Sure enough, I was right.  As I continued my research, I discovered to my alarm that many bleaching agents have been added to commercialized foods and drinks that I was consuming daily.  


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